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Summer term 23

Lecturers:Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Rademacher
Jakob Finkbeiner
Type:Practical Training
Teaching Language:English/German
Content:The lab course provides a hands-on experience to apply knowledge of the lectures "Integrated Mixed-Signal Circuits" and "Physical Design of Integrated Circuits" practically and in-depth. Schematics and layouts of high frequency integrated circuits in a 65 nm CMOS technology are developed that find their application mainly in mobile communications.

01) Simulation methods
02) MOSFET & basic amplifiers
03) Differential amplifiers & current-mode logic
04) Amplifier feedback
05) Non-linearities and linearisation techniques
06) Robust design regarding process and parameter variation
07) Multi-band filters
08) Basic layout techniques
09) Layout of current-mode logic gates
10) Extraction of parasitic elements in the layout

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