The INFOTECH-Seminar deals with topics on High Speed Optoelectronic Circuits.

High Speed Optoelectronic Circuits

The topics will be proposed in the first meeting.

Selected questions to be answered
  • How does it work?
  • Why and where is it used?
  • General overview or special examples
  • Comparison of different types
  • Search for information (internet, scientific journals, books,...)
  • Sort the information, create a structure (i.e. the table of contents of your report): Introduction, Basics, Details, Comparison/Discussion, Conclusion
  • Written report < 30 pages
  • Oral presentation (20 min.)

Important: The students interested in the seminar have to register via C@MPUS. This seminar has limited places.

Deadline 28/10/2019
Confirmations and rejections will be sent on 29/10/2019
In the second week of November, the first meeting of the seminar will take place. The exact day and time of the meeting will be sent by e-mail to the participants.



Raik Elster

M. Sc.

Research staff member

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